Barbary Coast Marine Services

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Pre-purchase Inspections

"San Francisco Boat Guy"

We provide a boat inspection service aimed at the out of area buyers who are short on time or experience and would like to be certain the boat they are considering buying is really what the seller represented it to be.
As a boat owner myself I know it is difficult to evaluate the hundres of boats you can find for sale on the internet without visiting each and everyone individually. Let us look at this picture for a minute. You are an average working person in an 8-5 job Monday-Friday and you live in the Mid-West part of the country. You would like to have a boat in a real nice vacation area like the Gulf of Mexico or Southern California, or in this case the San Francisco bay Area. Now lets say you find an interesting boat in the Bay Area on Thursday but you don't have any vacation time available to use to travel to see the boat or meet with the owner. You are needed at work on the coming Monday and you feel this deal may slip away because you simply can not get there and view the boat before it sells. After all, how else will you know if it is what the seller represents it to be. You don't want to buy a junk boat that you will have to spend your hard earned dollars repairing while you could and should be out on the water enjoying your life!
We have worked as a representitive for both out of area and local buyers who wanted an informed opinion about the boats they were interested in before any commitments were made or money spent. Why spend big money and time on airlines and motels to fly or drive a thousand miles just to find you don't like the condition of things on the boat, or that it was misrepresented. Fortunately, this is not always the case but it can cost a huge amount of money to find out or we can find out for you and provide a written report of the boats condition as well as pictures which may not have been provided by the seller.