Barbary Coast Marine Services

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Custom Marine Canvas

"Blow'n in the Wind"

We offer a custom marine canvas service for the Bay Area boating community. There are only a few custom canvas crafters in the Bay Area and often they are slow to respond to your needs or simply will not work with your request's.
There are times when you simply do not need new canvas or windows, but may need only a basic repair to your existing covers. It is hard to get most shops to provide repairs. They want to sell you all new covers and canvas work. There is a greater profit in it for them this way but it is you who is providing it and it may not be necessary.
If repairs are possible and we can help you save money or time this way we will be happy to discuss this possibility with you. We can and will provide an honest evaluation of your existing canvas, windows, stitching and zippers and fasteners and work with you to make your canvas last as long as it was intended to.